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Aug. 20th, 2014 06:36 pm
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Grainne nic Cormac

Canon: Fate/Zero (and legend)


Content Warnings )

Vital Details:

Revised Basic Personality


Tree of Love from the Fate/Zero Ending as she appeared in legend according to Fate/Zero. I actually may have her in more time appropriate Celtic clothing depending on her mood. Fate/ didn't actually do a lot of research on the time period and her Fate dress isn't historically accurate.

Grainne is short. To a person about 6 feet high the top of her head hits the lowest point of their shoulders. She actually looks a bit frail, but she isn't.


If you have Myth!Version: Depending on her canon point, she will be anywhere from 20 years old (time when she first ran off with Diarmuid, decided on based on the fact she refused many suitors and had a reputation for doing so to which caused Cormac political problems, and 20 being the attainment of majority for both men and women traditionally) to 37 (when Diarmuid died, assuming Fate/Zero's "only one year on the run" plus 15/16 years of married life to cover five children born with one miscarriage, and give the brothers age enough for it to only take 7 years to receive what is left of their training to be warriors).

If you have Legend Only Myth!Version: Anywhere from 18 (see reasoning above) to 47 (includes 16 years of time on the run with Diarmuid and 15 years of marriage).


Base Adaptation Used: Gods and Fighting Men by Lady Gregory at Project Gutenberg (Full Fenian Cycle from Irish Legend adapted and collected by Lady Augusta Gregory)

Mary Jone's version Alternate Version used to fill in a few blanks that Lady Gregory's was vague on.

Legend/Fate History Writeup Summary of background material used

The Children Info on Diarmuid and Grainne's children that I use, also includes headcanon backgrounds for extra character depth.

A look into the Culture: Note, I am not in college and this is not a college essay. This is just a summary of my knowledge of the culture.

Wiki References:

The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne (Wikipedia)

Grainne (Wikipedia)

Fate/Zero Summary (Type-moon)

Diarmuid (Type-moon)

Alternate Universe:

Servants Unexpected;

AU where Grainne was summoned as Caster in the Fourth War and most of the other Servants are also switched with counterparts from their myths.


Appearance as a Caster.

Age as a Servant: Chronologically at least between 1800 years to 2000 (rough time frame of Cormac's reign is given as around 200-300 A.D.), but appears as a young woman in her 20s due to being summoned.

Extended Abilities: Caster Class Servant

Servants Unexpected AU History / The Fate/Zero Alternate Universe

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3



AU Noble Phantasm Permissions

Last Resort Permissions

The Last Resort

Character Info


Thread Tracking

Note to Fellow Fate/ RPers!: See Characters affected by her AU, also:

See: Alternate Universe & Animus Version for history


Info & HMD




Thread Tracking

Former/Closed Games

Animus Version:

Animus Info

Animus Mailbox

Thread Tracking

Post-Animus History Summary

How the War Ended

And why not, here's a soundtrack.

Player contact:

[plurk.com profile] offduty, comment here, or pm.

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COURT Seelie
TITLE Watching Wanderer, Escapist
ABLE TO FAST-TRAVEL Only to places she has been before in Glaschu: also to Diarmuid's side every two weeks.
RESIDENCE IN 2,701 The Wizard Gwydion's settlement
RESIDENCE IN 2,702 Dun Dealgan


Taken under wing by Gwydion

Grainne's wanderings lead her to a reclusive wizard [ ]


Description [ ]


Description [ ]

Coming to terms with Diarmuid's death in her world and separation of the children.
Spend more time with Diarmuid
Become more independent
Large plans for development or activities for the timeskip, etc.

A brief summary of what your character will have done/accomplished/experienced over the timeskip.
Gain new skills both magic and fighting (mostly with archery and woodsmanship)
Strengthen her mind and body


SPRING IN 2,701 (Mar, Apr, May)

MARCH - Moryn goes missing because of the King of the Birds freezing the land. She leaves Gwydion's tutelage to go on a quest to find her crow companion again. May help Merida defrost people.

Give a small summary of the event! Feel free to pop up any handwaved events on your timeline. Since most timelines might get a little long, the 'Major Events' area on the left should be a quick reference for the events most likely to have been very significant to your character.
APRIL - Goes to Diarmuid's birthday party.
APRIL - Affected by the harp and consults with others about having heard it.
MAY - Goes on a month long swan hunt, starts digging into the magical workings of the locket and her pocket mirror

SUMMER IN 2,701 (Jun, Jul, Aug)

  • JUNE - Attended the Treun Tourney Markey

  • AUGUST 20th - Contacted Roa for negotiation regarding the arm

  • September Death

FALL IN 2,701 (Sept, Oct, Nov)

  • NOVEMBER - Reminder to self

  • DATE - Description

  • DATE - Description

WINTER IN 2,701/2,702 (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • DATE - Description

  • DATE - Description

  • DATE - Description

SPRING IN 2,702 (Mar, Apr)

  • DATE - Description

  • DATE - Description

  • DATE - Description

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If you need to handwave something, be it a routine, single action, gift, thread or thread ending, just drop a note here!

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[Chime chime chime! Chime chime chime!

Leave a message for Grainne and she'll get back to it as fast as she can.]
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Thread Tracking



The Feast
-Reunion with Diarmuid
- Part 2
- Meeting Lancer
- Meeting Usagi

Meeting Lord Kayneth
The Library

-Preparing for Battle and Mishearing Things
-Encounter with Saber
-Pulling Locket Duty, talks with Waver about his library
-Battle with Grell
Locket Story
Royal Audience
Displeased with Knights

-Never poke an Irish Lass's ass
-Asset Girl
-Dances with Dogs
-Kitty Kayneth
-The Shuck
The Shuck
Captain Jack Sparrow

At the Barrel
Too long without a Note
Too Long
Scouting the Unseelie
Quest Followup
The End of a Mission
Lady Sif's Problem
Jinora's Wish

(note ask mun if they'd like to handwave some lessons)



Boon Events

Chasing the Moon
The moon has been kidnapped by Unseelie Forces. It is the Seelie duty to rescue it and allow it to return to the sky.
-Grainne tagged along with Diarmuid, Kayneth, and Lancer.

Dogs of Fear
Evil spirits taking the form of dogs plague the Drabwurld, showing any who encounter them the deepest fears held in their heart.
-Grainne was able to overcome her fear and partake in limited battle against a feardog.
No boon

Hunting the Hart
The White Hart is offering himself up to any who can find and slay him. It is a traditional renewal ritual in the Drabwurld.
-Grainne, not one for hunting or anything of the sort, still found herself looking for the White Hart in an effort to find her missing husband.

War comes once again to the Drabwurld, now that both sides have mustered forces ready to march on Nimh Gleanne.
-Grainne asked for training from Diarmuid to help her better herself in her role at the Station. In addition, she helped create defensive wards around strategic Seelie locales and the Station.


November -
Tracking Unseelie Movements in Nimh Gleanne
Grainne was requested to investigate rumors of Unseelie movements in Nimh Gleanne. She accomplished the mission and informed the Seelie court of where the Unseelie Army was moving to, after about two weeks and much complaining about the chill. Unfortunately, at the end she became lost in the woods.
Quest - Locket - Lancelot

December's Quest-
Grainne received a missive from Queen Solais asking her to look into how much unrest there is among the native population of the cities.
She spoke with many travelers, and uncovered violent unrest against shardbearers in several of the southern cities: Daonna, Parrais, and Leathann. She visited Daonna and Parrais briefly, and opted to avoid Leathann as that was the one whose Oracle was killed.
Quest log
Report to Gabranth

January -
Weathering the War: The Station
Giver: Lord El-melloi II
With both sides making preparations for battle, Waver has begun to set up safe havens for player characters and NPCs to weather the first big fight. In an attempt to respect the courts, and to ensure that no in-fighting will result, he has ensured that there are Seelie and Unseelie aligned shelters. He is also worried about the Station coming under fire, and is looking for someone to lead an exodus from the Station if it comes to it.
Grainne created several guidelines, procedures, and escape routes in the event the Station required evacuating. She also commissioned an escape tunnel.
Quest Acceptance
Routes map

BOONS & Quest Rewards-

October -
Received several paintings of her children for her efforts in the Moon Chase.
November - Quest Reward
Received the Seelie seal and recommendation as a reconnaissance soldier for her efforts in uncovering the Unseelie movements in Nimh Gleanne.
December -
Received pocket mirror that displays an image of Diarmuid, and allows her to teleport to his side once every two weeks. She must practice with its magic.
Received one Yule red cloak.


November -
Given: Lady Sif, a recipe for contraceptive tea.
Given: Rin, a lesson on basic god-age magic potions.

December -
Received: Diarmuid, one fur cloak.
Given: Diarmuid, one set of leather and cloth armor.
Given: Cu Chulainn, one warding charm of nalebinded green yarn. The yarn was originally fiber brought with her from Ireland, which she then processed and dyed.
Received: Merida, Jeweled Comb
Given: Vanyel, instructions on how to infuse a basic god-age magic potion.

January -
Received: Moryn the Raven, one raven familiar.
Given: Diarmuid, one injured hawk.

Diarmuid ua Duibhne

Grainne's husband and long time lover. He is the one person in the Drabwurld she is loyal to and loves him more than anything (except their children). Their life together started when she had been given in marriage to Fionn, leader of the Fianna, but on the eve of her wedding saw and fell in love with Diarmuid. Choosing to abandon her role and her word, she forced Diarmuid into leaving Tara with her that night. They were on the run for a year, until Fionn finally stopped pursuing them. They made peace and Fionn recognized their marriage.

Before she was kidnapped by faeries and brought to the Drabwurld, they had a homestead and family together. She is distraught to learn that this version of Diarmuid claims to have died and been brought back as a "Heroic Spirit" but that does not deter her from trying to find a way for the both of them to return home-- together.

Things are not going between them quite as smoothly as she hoped either, for his enthusiasm for fighting in the Court War is making her feel a bit alienated and worried for him, as if he regressed to the time they had been on the run, or even before. She doesn't know how to handle it yet. It's a stark contrast to how she had left him back home so recently.

A part of her is even unsure if spending time with him as husband and wife is being unfaithful to the Diarmuid waiting for her at home. He's at home, but he's also not. It hurts her head to think about but she's leaning toward believing she had disappeared when she was kidnapped by faeries, Diarmuid had died, and time had passed in the normal world as it has done before in tales. This is a particularly upsetting scenario as it means her potentially not being able to go home.

* * * * * * * *

Kayneth El-melloi Archibald

Diarmuid's "lord" and apparent master for the war that he was called to originally fight in. He seems marginally more sane than Fionn did, but then again, she was never promised in marriage to him. Some of his attitude towards Diarmuid upsets her, but she figures with a little working over, she can fix that. Be scared, Kayneth.

On the other hand, he could be immensely useful to her, especially after his offer of teaching her in the ways of magic above the very basic skills she already has. She will have to bide her time and determine if he is trustworthy and worthy to be Diarmuid's lord.

Still, she senses a story behind this man and his relationship with Diarmuid that is going unspoken. While Diarmuid explained the basics of the war, what a Servant was, and Kayneth's part in it, either of them (so far) has said anything to her about how the war that they fought was going, before coming to the Drabwurld. The missing information makes her very uneasy.

* * * * * * * *

Cu Chulainn

A hero from legend, even in her time. The exploits of Cu Chulainn are well told and widespread. And while he may not have fit her image of him, he certainly is living up to his reputation. What she didn't expect quite so much is the streak of sensitivity running through his personality.

...Which she has apparently trod on in the whole giant mistake that was the Puppy-boy incident. Well, when you go around calling yourself the Hound of Culann...

She was terribly mortified she gave him offense and expects him to never talk to her again.

And worst of all, how is she going to tell Diarmuid she offended his childhood hero?

Well, the event got smoothed over by a gift of a charm and a long discussion. An unrelated discussion ended up in Lancer offering to teach her runic magic, a chance Grainne won't refuse for the sheer fact it is Scathach's own pupil offering.

Waver Velvet (El-melloi II)

She doesn't even know his name, but she has talked with him on a few occasions. She views him as a potential source of information on how to get at the truth behind the war.

-Having been to the Barrel in the start of November, she's met the man and knows him by Lord El-Melloi II. He was very helpful in providing historical books for her perusal. She quite likes him and gets along with him easily. She doesn't know his true identity or that he's a magus, but she assumed once he dabbled in magic, which he quickly corrected. Not that his true identity would make much difference...

Whether or not he knows her identity and background is a mystery.

With the war on the horizon, Lord El-melloi asked Grainne to plan for evacuations at the Station should the war make its way there. Along the way, he taught her a single spell to ensure nobody would be able to overhear sensitive conversations. She feels he is trustworthy and his interests obviously lay in extra-court activities.

What was that about not dabbling in magic, Waver?

Rin Tohsaka

A rather brash and bold young lady. She seems rather lacking in manners but seems very bright and intelligent-- perhaps even warrior-like. Though Grainne doesn't know her very well, and can only go by the brief impressions Rin let slip through her careful acts.

For some reason, Rin reminds Grainne of a younger self... only more rude.

Having reunited with her at the Barrel, Grainne taught her the very basics of magical potion brewing, which wasn't all that different from brewing a regular tisane (according to Grainne, at least.) Grainne was reserving judgment at first, but rather likes the young lady. Provided it goes along as it has been, Grainne may quickly view her as a foster-daughter.

That impression doesn't stop as more and more some mannerism of Rin's reminds her of one of her sons...

* * * * * * * *




-Told her how to meet the Black Shuck

OOffered her archery lessons (YES)


Is he a Druid? Faolan is of Eire and a possible kinsman, for all that she knows. He told her something of the world in which they found themselves in.

Grainne met him at Samhain, and had a bit of a conversation, but hasn't seen him since.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack had all sorts of fascinating stories to tell of far off lands and he wasn't a bad dancer either, but alas, her budding (friendship?) with him is not to be for he is no longer in the Drabwurld.

Native NPCs

Queen Solais

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Backtagging: I'm fine with backtagging, and I will backtag into infinity or until the thread is finished so it's up to you. If I don't respond it's likely either the notif didn't arrive, got sent to spam or accidentally mislabeled as completed when clearing out the inbox. DW and Plurk aren't always reliable with notifications. Just send me a poke to let me know!

Handwaving: I actually prefer backtagging over handwaving, even if we handwave this and this happened in x thread for a concurrent y thread that chronologically happened later! If it's handwaving an entire incident, a note somewhere should be good. Sometimes it gets difficult to remember what all has been handwaved unless it's been noted.

4th Walling?:

She's sort of getting the idea she may be a figure in history but because of her canon point she's not fully aware of the extent of it. Considering the culture and the verbal history being passed down she'd probably be fine with it. As far as being from Fate/Zero or an anime, she'll just be confused and that'd just be awkward so I'll have to pass on that


Grainne comes from a pretty feel-friendly society that doesn't mind touch compared to our modern day hangups. She's married, however, and her husband is currently in game.

She may not mind a bit of flirting, but kissing and anything beyond will likely get a slap or worse; a geis if the offense is serious enough.

If it's anything more serious like for fighting and above that is definitely a discussion topic seeing as she isn't a fighter!


For abilities of the mental nature, she is strong willed and determined but doesn't have too much of a barrier preventing such abilities from being used on her. However, I'd appreciate discussing results and consequences first!

Content Warnings:

Fate/Zero comes with a lot of content warnings! There's a general content warning on her sticky post. Except her canon point is thousands of years before the actual show (yay flashbacks) so the most you should worry about is the general warnings that come with legends from ancient history and the miscarriage warning hasn't even happened for her yet. If you're not familiar with Irish legend, some of them can give the Greek legends a run for their money. Tragedy is especially popular in Irish legend, so lots of death, maiming, people being dicks, and things like that.

If you would prefer Grainne not tag you anyway, here is where you can opt out!

Ability Permissions: Geis

Grainne has the ability to cast a geis spell (a magical curse or inhibition) on an individual if she so chooses. Geises can be broken: they're not absolute like command spells, but if broken they deal a pretty terrible consequence. She's not likely to cast these exceeept perhaps if someone falls under Diarmuid's curse and she wishes to keep the "competition" away (cough). This may be a good way of resolving the Love Spot issues if it's needed!

Considering this affects a character's behavior, this is the permission post to tell me what you're comfortable with or if you decide to opt out!

Her version of a geis is the ancient magic version, so there's no real rules or guidelines at what can and cannot be applied via a geis (just look at poor Cu Chulainn) so it's important to define the boundaries you're comfortable with your character! If a geis does come up, I will often ask what geis wording you think will work for the situation and will be comfortable with playing!

As an example of the kind of thing a geis does: Taking Cu Chulainn from legend for example, he took a geis on himself that he was to never eat dog meat because he was considered their kin. Someone set a geis on him that he could not refuse any food a woman offered. So what happened when a woman offered him dog meat to eat? He had to break one; there was no way to escape it even if he did nothing. The results eventually led to circumstances that caused his death.

In Grainne's own legend, she placed a geis on Diarmuid to make him go with her from Tara that night. If he broke it, everyone that had fallen asleep at her betrothal party would die.

Geis cast so far:
Chasing the Moon Event: Grell
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Canon point: about little less than a year before Diarmuid's death (in legend)
Alliance: Seelie
Rooming level: sub-ruler
Staying at: the castle in her rooms


  • Geis Grainne can cast a geis; a magical curse or inhibition, if she feels it is necessary to the situation or to force an outcome that she prefers. At the canon point which I take her from she rarely, if ever, uses it. Fate/ describes a geis as a very powerful and serious curse, but in the ancient world it was quite different and a more common magic to practice, especially for nobles or higher ranked individuals. This has a permissions post!
  • Untapped Magic Grainne has untapped magical potential. In Fate/ verse magic is hereditary and passed along to children; selective breeding campaigns among modern magi are in place to ensure stronger generations. That said, Grainne's grandmother Achtan was able to have prophetic dreams, and Achtan's father had been a druid. Cormac as well had dealings in magic and was a favored of Manannán mac Lir. Considering Grainne was able to create a magical drugged sleep, cast a geis, and sense when trouble was too close during the Pursuit, it's obvious she has some sort of magical ability, though she is not known to be a mage. She may try to develop this ability and learn magic in Eachdraidh as both as both method of survival and increasing her usefulness. She has currently learned:

    Tiny warding charm: Dec 2014, self taught
    Clumsy sleep spell: Jan 2015, self taught
    A non-potion variation of her sleep potion. Doesn't work very well.
    Silence spell: Jan 2015, from Waver Velvet
    Activate with blood, touch the lips of both people and say réidh tost.

Other Abilities
  • Survival Skills
  • Food Gathering
  • Small animal trapping
  • Game Dressing
  • Fire starting
  • Textile Crafts
  • Medical
  • Brewing

    1. Since she's been having to refer to Britain a lot lately; She calls it Albu which is derived from the original Proto-Celtic stem and is the stem/origin of Alba/Albion, though this is from Old Irish instead of the earlier version which Grainne speaks. It's the closest I can get and I'm not going to fuss for accuracy more than I have, considering how little is recorded (reliably) about Ireland in 200 A.D. See: Etymology of Albion

HMD: This post doubles as an HMD or if you need to contact me. Characterization questions might be answered in the info links but I love the chance to blab about internal thought processes for characters and stuff anyway so go ahead if you have a question. I prefer sorting out issues and problems "face to face" so to speak though so don't ever feel like you can't come talk to me directly!
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Marble Halls by Enya
The Voice of Sinnah by Fox Amoore
The Shore by Fox Amoore
Talking with Ghosts by Fox Amoore
Against the Odds by Lucas King
A Witch's Tale by Peter Gundry


Loss by Lucas King
Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli
Exclusion by Lucas King
Falling Apart
Ice Dance by Danny Elfman
The Truth by Audiomachine


by Fox Amoore
Reminiscence Zetsuen no Tempest OST
Only Time by Enya
The Fallen Lands of Lordran
Goodbye by Lucas King
The Last of Her Kind by Peter Gundry

Meme 3

May. 6th, 2014 11:56 pm
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The day was bright, and Grainne walked along the sidewalks of the shopping district in her summer dress, kindly provided by Waver. Her actual mission was to scout out locations for hideouts and places to fall back provided they needed one, but... it was nice being able to see what sort of things the modern world provided.

Sometimes, people didn't really change, no matter how much time passed.

A flower stand on the corner came up, and she paused, looking at all the different colors and flowers. Some she recognized, and some she didn't. Others had changed so much with domestication they could almost be called a new plant. Reaching out to touch a red rose, she smiled softly. So different and changed with the modern world and man's attempts to create the perfect rose, but also so the same. A beautiful legacy of the wild roses that grew back home.

She didn't have much money, but as she continued on, the rose went with her.

Meme 1

May. 6th, 2014 11:14 pm
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It's a face off. Two opponents, one result. Two sets of eyes narrow at each other as if they were trying to drill holes into the other, determination and stubbornness overriding all other concerns...

Grainne let out a deep breath through her nose, arms folded, still frowning at the short teenager before her. The argument had derailed into this... and if she backs down, Waver would be going on the hunt for Saber. After the horror stories going around, that is one thing she wants him to stay behind on.

But oh no. Oh no. This boy had to be blessed by the stubbornness fairy, she's sure of it. Almost as stubborn as certain dark haired knights she once knew.

"Give up?" He asked, his arms similarly folded and frowning even harder, as if she could lose just by how hard he frowned.

The frown faded, and she grinned. There are a few tricks up her sleeve she hasn't used yet... and unfortunately, the tears method was out. She'd already used that one. "Should you be saying that if you know my legend so well?"

"I'm going."

The silence lasted for an agonizingly long moment.

Silently, a cup materialized behind Waver's head. The water ball that rose from it was practically shaking with amusement, just before it slammed into the back of his head. The sudden chill, plus sudden water had him coughing and sputtering all the while yelling at how unfair that was.

"Life is unfair! It will never be fair. No matter how idiotic idiots want it to be. So, please, just stay here while I search..." Grainne responded, dropping her arms to her sides.

Huffing and puffing, Waver pulled the water soaked hair out of his eyes, angrily subdued, and mumbled, "Please."

Grainne paused then, and sighed. "If you promise to stay back if I ask you to... it is my duty to protect you, and I am no fighter... it is better to be focused with this magic."
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room 1-17
collar: violet
tag: [au4] grainne
AU where Grainne was summoned as Caster in the Fourth War



1. One harp broken to fit the trunk Given to Diarmuid
2. One modern summer dress outfit In rags
3. One normal knife with carved wooden sheath Tossed
4. One pouch of dried flowers Tossed
5. One carved wooden comb Given to Diarmuid
6. One tattered lap blanket Given to Diarmuid

Switched collar fluid on 03-15
Powers start returning 03-22
Can summon robes 03-29
Servant abilities return 04-05
All abilities return 04-15

Contact: Zen at [plurk.com profile] offduty or pm.
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Mail and Contact
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Because of Grainne's Noble Phantasm, if characters get into a fight with her, there's a good chance she will try to geis them with her water to fight for her or simply put them to sleep so she can run. She is not a physical fighter by any means, so she will try to take the quickest way out. On the off chance that she does try to gain control, here are some permissions!

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